11 Best Free Personal Finance Excel Templates for Budgeting

11 Best Free Personal Finance Excel Templates for Budgeting

You can save money by managing your personal finances and budget in Excel Templates. Managing personal finances or your budget can be difficult when there are so many things you need to do at home and work.

This article lists the top 15 free Excel templates you can download. Continue reading to find out how these spreadsheet templates can help you save money through smart budgeting.

What is an Excel Template for Personal Budgets?

An Excel template to personalize your budget is basically a spreadsheet file. You don’t have to spend time formatting because it contains all columns, rows and headers. Upload the file to OneDrive to track your personal finances.

Templates allow you to modify the data headers and add/delete rows/columns. You can also format the worksheet in your preferred style. A template can be customized based on the amount of data you need, such as bi-weekly, monthly or yearly budget.

You can download any of the below templates to Excel or open it in the browser to track online.

Excel templates for personal finance and budget: Benefits

These are the benefits of keeping track of your personal budget using an Excel sheet:

Privacy:Excel templates can be trusted and secure because you don’t have to enter your personal financial information on any third-party app or website. Your data is kept private so you don’t have to worry about data theft.

Access: A copy of the file can be kept on your computer and uploaded to OneDrive. Excel will update the online file automatically whenever you make changes to your desktop computer. You can also access the Excel workbook from your Android or iOS device by downloading an Excel mobile app.

Let’s take a look at these Excel templates to help you budget.

Personal Monthly Budget Spreadsheet

The Personal monthly budget template is a great option if you are looking for a more detailed budgeting template. This template allows you to streamline the way that your monthly income is used throughout the month, allowing for maximum savings. It is extremely user-friendly, as you don’t have to make many changes.

There are many expense headings in the spreadsheet that households will need to manage each month. You can budget for housing, transportation and insurance as well as food, pets, personal, and other expenses. You can also have income from primary and secondary sources.

Excel templates also allow you to compare actual and projected expenses. The template allows for personalization by allowing you to edit subcategories. For offline editing, you can save a copy to your Microsoft OneDrive account and print it.

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Basic Personal Budget

The Basic personal financial budget spreadsheet allows you to analyze your entire yearly income and expenses. If you are responsible for managing the expenses of a small project, this personal budgeting tool can also be used. You can identify areas where you can cut costs by having a clear view of your previous and current year’s transactions.

Anyone can download the template for free. This template is compatible with Excel online and desktop Excel software. Two Excel worksheets are included in the Excel workbook: Summary and Expense. All expenses should be entered in the Expense tab, and all incomes in summary.

The Summary worksheet will automatically display monthly expense vs. cash. You might also need to budget for expenses. The expense section includes standard categories as well as subcategories. The template allows for easy sorting, filtering, and selection.

Simple Monthly Budget

The Easy monthly Budget Excel template can help you determine how much you spend and how much you earn. This template allows you to visualize your spending and the top items you spend the most. This spreadsheet template is a great way to plan for your long-term and short-term financial goals.

The Summary worksheet gives you a complete picture of your monthly income, total monthly expenditures, and savings. The dashboard-like view is provided by a vertical and horizontal bar chart.

The income and expense worksheet can be used for transaction data entry. You will find the most popular expense headings in the expenses tab. You can edit or add rows to suit your needs.

Monthly College Budget

It is important to keep track of your personal expenses during college. You can get distracted and spend more than you need. You can get the Monthly college budget as an Excel workbook for free. It can be uploaded to your OneDrive account and printed out for manual budget tracking.

You can customize this Excel sheet if you are a parent of college-going children. The sheet can be shared by parents and children to help them understand the expenses.

It is easy to manage expenses because you just need to enter the transaction amounts into the appropriate fields. This template includes graphs, sparklines, and sliders that make personal budget fun.

Budget Calculator

Budget Calculator allows you to track your income and expenses in Excel desktop, Excel online and offline formats. You can customize the income and expense headers by using editable cells in the template. This template can be used for budget planning for one month. Simply duplicate the worksheets for the next month.

The data-entry sheet for income and expenses transactions is very similar to manual budget tracking using a notepad. In one list, you can record cash outflows and inflows. You can add a cash outflow header to your list by simply entering it in the Description column. Then, select a category from the Category column.

Simple Personal Budget

Excel personal budget Excel worksheet allows you to see a detailed pattern of your personal finances. This Excel worksheet is an easy way to track your monthly income and expenses from anywhere, at work or at home. You can upload a customized version to your OneDrive account so you can access it from any device, whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer.

This template is especially useful if you want a single-page overview of all your incomes and expenses. The dedicated cells contain embedded formulas to calculate the yearly and monthly totals.

Each income and expense header has a Sparkline for data visualization, analytics. This template can be used immediately if you want to control your spending or save money on a future goal.

Manage my Money

Manage My Money is another personal budget-tracking Excel spreadsheet. It is a monthly tracker so you will need to make copies for each month. The best part about this workbook is the pie chart-based dashboard. It gives you 360deg views of transactions such as incomes, expenses, and incomes.

This template calculates savings and income by comparing income with expenses. You will need to input cash inflows and cash outflows in the Monthly Income tab. You will get an all-encompassing view of income, expenses, and savings. The dashboard also allows you to visualize cash balances.

Monthly Household Budget

Are you looking for a way to properly manage your family’s monthly budget? The Household monthly Budget template is available for download and you can get started immediately. The overview tab provides a clear view on balance, income and expenses. Below the summary dashboard, you’ll see a breakdown by category of your expenses.

Excel templates come with more than 50 expense headings. There is less chance of you having to manually enter cash outflow headers as the Excel template already has them. To track expenses, simply adjust the Actual and Projected Cost headers on the Monthly Expenses worksheet.

Template for Wedding Budget

Planning a wedding is a big project. A well-organized budget planner will help you plan your wedding. To visualize all expenses in real time, you can use the Wedding Budget Template for Excel. You can also modify the fonts or table colors to match your wedding theme.

It’s a budgeting tool which displays all cost headers in one window. Scroll down to see all expenses. You can also see if you are going over or under your wedding budget by looking at the tables.

Plan your Vacation Budget

This Vacation budget calculator tool for Excel will help you ensure that you have enough cash to travel and not exceed your budget. This spreadsheet lists common travel expenses such as airfare, lodging, and transportation.

This Excel worksheet has two tables. The first table depicts broad categories such as transportation and lodging. The second table focuses on subcategories within the main expense headings. You can also add cash outflow headers.

Monthly Food Budget

Sometimes, you may need to concentrate on one expense head, such as the monthly budget for entertainment, food, and shopping. This allows you to see the details of specific spending, which can often go beyond your budget. For worry-free budgeting, use Monthly Food Budget

Start the month by setting a budget. To track your grocery spending, enter food purchases in the expenses tab. To change the food budget, you can rename or rename the text box below the image header.

Last words

These Excel templates are free and can be used to help you budget. You can choose any Excel template that you like, depending on your situation, such as a family budget or food budget, and then start saving money.

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