11 Cleaner Apps to Free up Space on iPhone

11 Cleaner Apps to Free up Space on iPhone

It takes too long to open an app on a mobile device. This is the most frustrating thing about using it. The iPhone cleaner app will free up space and make life easier.

It can be difficult to use the iPhone and iPad with unnecessary files, junk files and redundant files. This makes the device slow, slow, and full memory hogs. Users must delete these files and free up space. How can I free up space on my iPhone?

It can be difficult to go through all of the files and delete them one by one. Many iPhone cleaning apps and websites can be used to save time and free up space.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to clean your iPhone and improve its performance.

Apps for iPhone

Cleaner App – Clean Doctor

Cleaner App – Clean Doctor is a smart cleaner for your iPhone or iPad. This app can clean up junk on your phone. It can clean up your phone, delete duplicate photos, screenshots, and expiring calendar events. It also allows users to delete duplicate contacts and expiring reminders from their iPhone or iPad.

Cleaner app – Clean Doctor can speed up your phone, and remove any unnecessary files. It can speed up iCloud and cool it down if it is too hot.

The iPhone app’s key features are:

  • Smart Cleaningcan search for and remove duplicate/similar videos, GIFs and Live Phoots. It can also automatically take screenshots and delete screenshots. One-click AI smart cleaning also allows you to clean up photos and videos.
  • All in One Depth Video Cleaner to browse and delete videos, search large vidoes, duplicate photos, or remove specific videos. It can also be used to organize and classify videos .
  • Contacts Remover can also be used to merge duplicate contacts and delete incomplete contacts. It can search and remove duplicate content such as email addresses, phone numbers, contact names, etc.
  • All in One Depth Photo Cleaner to delete all photos from a specific location, browse photoes using a convenient list and photo organizer/classifier. It can also search for duplicate/similar videos, photos (burst,live, edited, HDR and panorama), GIFs, and so on.
  • Delete an expired calendar event to delete immediately with one click.
  • Camouflage photos To restore camauflage photos and to protect your privacy,
  • Privacy security and clipboard can be used to help maintain the privacy contacts and hide photos, videos, and contacts.
  • You will also find features such as battery saving, tone generator and dark mode, cleanup browser cache tutorials, widgets, and others.

You can access the entire application on subscription terms that provide unlimited access. The application is charged monthly, annually, and weekly through Apple Store Account.


Nektony quickly cleans media files on iPhone or iPad. It also removes duplicate media files. It helps to reclaim valuable storage space, reviews the items and deletes photos or videos, then confirms with the user that the deletion has been done.

Nektony analyses the media storage to find large-sized videos and photos that occupy the most space. To delete a photo or video, swipe right or left to move it to trash.

Users can search for duplicates or similar photos and then remove them using the Similar Photos panel. It allows users to view the photos by group, and it helps them remove any unwanted pictures that occupy extra space.

Boost Cleaner – Clean up Smart

Clean Up Smart – Boost Cleaner allows users to organize their contacts, videos and photos. It also helps them remove duplicates and compress media. It speeds up your phone and clears up any media files or contacts that are taking up space on your phone.

Boost cleaner – Clean up Smart has many features, including backup contacts, merging duplicate contact, deleting large videos and removing duplicate photos. This is the goal of the display.

These are the key features of the app:

  • Contact removerto remove duplicate contacts, contact management and quick filter for names location birthdays etc., group duplicate, merge contacts contacts, backup, grup duplicate (by telephone, name, email) and manage contacts.
  • Photos cleaner to delete photos to specific locations, filter photoses, analyze or delete screenshots and GIFs.
  • Video Cleaner allows you to filter videos by size. It is easy to remove multiple files, and displays full video size.

The application is based on a subscription option, which goes on an autorenewal every other week.


iRemover allows you to quickly remove duplicate contacts, photos, videos, screenshots, and videos. The app can merge duplicate contacts or delete them, remove useless screenshots and sync backup contacts to iCloud.

iRemover has many features, such as:

  • Searching for and removing duplicates like Live Photos, Burst Photos, Apple Watch screenshots and contacts.
  • It also allows you to instantly backup and merge duplicate contacts.
  • You can also browse photos in listicle format with the application.

Phone Cleaner for iPhone, iPad

Phone Cleaner for iPhone and iPad can free up large amounts of space as well as unwanted junk files. You can organize media and sort them by size. It also has advanced filters that allow you to filter files (creation date and type; modification date), and a mode for web cleaning. It will find duplicates and photos similar and remove them. Phone cleaner for iPhone, iPad requires valid monthly subscriptions with a seven day free trial.

Cleaner for iPhone

Cleaner for iPhone is the best way to clean duplicate photos on your iPhone or iPad. It can be used to quickly clean up your phone and free up storage space. Cleaner iPhone cleans photos to identify screenshots and images to be deleted.

Users can add the widget to their home screen to clean up contact information, videos, merge duplicate contacts and perform network speed tests. It can also test download speed, disk space and RAM space.

Smarter Cleanup – Cleaner

Cleaner – Smart Cleanup is an application that cleans photos and contacts for iPhone and iPad. This application can delete large video files, photos and backup contacts. It can also merge duplicate contacts.

Cleaner-Smart Clean Up has many features, including the ability to merge duplicate contacts, remove them, manage contacts quickly and restore backups. It also cleans them in case they have missing information. It can scan and sort photos and videos, and provide complete information about their duration and size.

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Cleaner Storage

Cleaner: Clean Storage is great for removing large video files and similar photos, creating a backup, merging duplicate contacts, and removing duplicate contact information. Clean Storage is available as an auto-renewable subscription starting at USD 6.99. A 1-year subscription is available with a 3-day free trial.

Cleaner – Clean Storage offers many features, including the ability to delete and edit live photos, take selfies, duplicate photos and move photos to specific locations. You can also use it to delete duplicate contacts, merge them, restore, backups and manage. It also allows for video cleaning such as removing large files, sorting or scanning by size, or completing information about their duration.

Clean Master – Super Cleaner

Clean Master – Super Cleaner can quickly clean up your gallery in just a few clicks. Clean Master – Super Cleaner can quickly organize your gallery, remove duplicate photos and videos, and arrange them into an album. It is a great application because of its Smart Cleanup feature and one-click trigger.

Super Cleaner allows you to organize photos, images, screenshots, photos and clean up any videos. It can also delete duplicates or similar videos, large-capacity video, and messy albums.

MacOS software for cleaning iPhone


Cisdem is a Mac app that allows users to thoroughly clean their iPhones. It’s safe and simple to delete junk and temporary files, back up important data, manage large files, as well as be compatible with iOS, iPad and iPhone systems. You can also backup your data with one click. This includes contacts, camera roll and photo library as well as music and notes.

Cisdem Deep dive into the device to find temporary and junk files. Based on the type of device, it determines why the device is slowing down. It can handle large files and infrequently-used applications to free up space.

PhoneClean 5

PhoneClean 5 makes it easier to clean your iPhone faster. It includes in-depth privacy protection and iOS maintaining features. This app elevates the iPad experience and iPhone experience to a new level.

PhoneClean offers a quick and easy way to clean up your phone’s cache, remove corrupt files, and make it look new again. Users can also clear out space by finding and deleting temporary iOS caches, corrupted files and cookies.


The applications are great for cleaning out your iPhone, or if you just want to clear your mind. It is not a tool that will automatically clean up your phone and do all of the work.

To optimize your photos, contacts, and collection, it is important to clear out your iPhone. These iPhone cleaning apps can speed up your device storage performance, and help you clean up.

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