12 Reliable Email Hosting Services for Small to Big Business

12 Reliable Email Hosting Services for Small to Big Business
Email hosting services are still the most important driver of customer acquisition for small- to medium-sized businesses. Social media is growing rapidly with its likes and comments, tweets and shares, but it cannot replace emails.Statistics show that 81% of small and medium-sized businesses still rely on email to acquire customers. These findings show that email remains the most effective way to reach customers and make an impact.It is difficult to manage thousands of emails per day for businesses. Your company’s domain name is included in your email business messages, which helps in building your credibility. It makes sense for businesses that they outsource email hosting to professionals.When a client receives an email from you with your company name, they can search for your business to find out more about the products and services that might interest them.

Why choose business email hosting over freebies such as Gmail?

Free services can make businesses seem unprofessional. This could lead to people questioning the legitimacy of your business. Some may believe you don’t care about your business and others might think your business isn’t worth it. Your business could be at risk from cybercriminals.

That’s all you need for your business!

Instead of getting free email for your business, such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo, it’s a smart idea to pay for reliable hosting services. A few dollars invested in business email hosting can help your business avoid negative perceptions. It will also establish your business’ legitimacy and credibility. This is a win-win for both your business and your customers, as it protects their interests.

Let’s look at some of the many benefits of business email.

Builds Trust

An anonymous identity is not a good idea if you want customers to take you seriously. It’s easy to get an email address for free these days. However, if your business wants to build trust and establish credibility, it is important to stand out from the rest.

Your customers will be able to recognize you as trustworthy by using a business email. This is the first step in building a successful business. With multiple email IDs for sales, billing, support, and jobs, even a small staff, you can offer a diverse view of your company.

Casts Professional Impressions

Someone said it right.

The first impression is always the best.

This is true even when it comes down to business. Emails are the most common way to communicate with clients. To drive your business forward, you must establish a connection with your customer or prospect as soon as they open the email.

A business email can create a professional image for your brand among your targeted customers. This can help you gain a competitive edge over the rest.

Protect sensitive business data

Email hosting services that are free of charge can be vulnerable to malware attacks, spamming, and targeted ads. They lack essential security measures to protect users’ interests. You also don’t have complete control over your email accounts.

You must protect your business and your customers’ data if you own a business. You should not expose your business to free email services that could make it vulnerable.

Spam Filters are not able to save your emails

Spammers and malware can easily target emails that aren’t paid for. Your revenue might be affected if you use email marketing to drive sales. Your email might be deemed spam. If your customers don’t check their spam folders, your efforts will be in vain.

Email hosting experts can help you prevent your emails from being bounced or going to spam folders. You can continue to leverage the benefits of email hosting and enjoy engaging with customers via emails.

Backup and Privacy

Emails sent to free of charge are more likely to crash, be closed without warning or get hacked. This can cause serious damage to your business, as it could result in the loss of vital business information that cannot easily be recovered. Customers and prospects may lose sensitive information and important emails.


By advertising your company’s name in professional email, you can create a strong brand identity. Your customers will trust your brand by simply looking at the name.

You now have an idea of how important email marketing is for your business. Here are some reliable email hosting options.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace allows you to create a professional email address that your business can use. This is the Gmail you love. You can access admin controls and enjoy a variety of other interesting features, without annoying ads. Email hosting has tools that will help you work smarter and faster, which will increase your business productivity.

Google Workspace makes email communication easy and innovative. You can access your calendar to set up meetings, view files in real time, and collaborate on them. It is built on the highly secured infrastructure of Google and protects all business data, users, devices, and employees. You also have full control over your email, as it backs up all your data in the Cloud.

It offers Gmail, Calendar and currents, chat.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting comes packed with helpful email tools and features that will help you in your email marketing. To send and receive email, you can use either IMAP or POP3. RoundCube or Horde, which are webmail clients, are available pre-installed. It also includes Mailman, which allows you to contact people from opt-in lists.

Email hosting services offer a greater uptime commitment to ensure reliable performance. Every email hosting account comes with many email resources. These resources can be accessed from the control panel, cPanel.

These resources are free and include the following.

  • Email hosting accounts are used to manage your accounts, passwords, and configure POP3 and IMAP settings.
  • Roundcube and Horde offer webmail
  • BoxTrapper allows you to verify the sender
  • SpamAssassin is a spam filter
  • Barracuda to enhance spam filtration by reviewing each email
  • Forwarding and email authentication
  • Use MX Entry to Send Emails
  • Autoresponders, mailing lists, encryption, and many other things


ScalaHosting offers secure email hosting for your business, which ensures maximum delivery and security. ScalaHosting offers many benefits, including the ability to have email boxes in separate cloud environments.

ScalaHosting is the best way to avoid spam filters, build brand awareness and increase brand awareness.

It also helps you set up email addresses and sales contacts that will allow your team to quickly approach every lead or request. It also uses SShield which is an in-house cybersecurity solution. SShield uses simple logic to inspect code and catch malicious activity to protect businesses from hackers.

SPanel, SWordPressManager will be provided to you. These are custom-designed and developed in-house by ScalaHosting’s staff based on extensive research and the practical experience gained over more than 11 years. Each plan comes with basic features such as a free email domain, free migration and a dedicated IP address. You will also get pro spam protection, daily backups and safety from blocklists.

Your plan starts at $9.95/month and includes 1 CPU core, 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Titan’s Business Email Suite was created to help small businesses build their brand and establish meaningful relationships with customers. It offers email at their domain, as well as tools that simplify productivity.

Titan’s extensive suite of tools includes email and a shareable schedule. There is ample storage as well as useful features like:

  • Email templates can be used to save and reuse emails that have been sent. This allows users to save time when they send repeatable emails, such as reminders for appointments or follow-ups.
  • Schedule Send allows users to create an email and set a time for it to go out.
  • Receive Receipts that notify users when an email has been opened – an ideal feature to know when to follow-up.
  • Follow up Reminders are set to remind the user to continue their inquiry in the event of no response.

Titan makes it easy for you to import contacts from different email services and to manage multiple accounts in one interface. Their friendly, knowledgeable customer service team is available 24 hours a day for assistance. Small businesses can be assured that their emails will be received with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


DreamHost offers professional email hosting to help you project a strong image on customers and prospects. Your email address will allow you to send messages that match your website.

You don’t have to modify your hosting plan in order to start with DreamHost. This platform is reliable, simple and sturdy, regardless of the domain name you have.

Drag and drop emails from different folders to route messages through custom names and set up automatic delivery filters. It syncs all your emails regardless of whether you are using a tablet, smartphone, tablet or smartwatch.

DreamHost offers an inbound spam filter for no cost. This will keep your inbox safe from viruses and phishing attacks. The hosting plan includes an integrated Webmail that is ad-free.

DreamHost’s powerful email hosting plan starts at $1.67 per month/mailbox and includes 25GB storage. You can also subscribe to Google Workspace.

Zoho Mail

You want to have secure, encrypted and add-free web hosting?

Zoho covers them all with guaranteed privacy. This email hosting allows you to be agile and provide enhanced protection against spam and malware. This email hosting service provides professional email IDs that will help you brand gain more visibility and authenticity.

Zoho Mail’s data centers have high-grade security and surveillance to ensure reliable uptime. To protect your email, both at-rest and end-to-end encryption is used. Also, message encryption via S/MIME is provided.

You can use Zoho’s intuitive control panel to perform all settings, customization, configuration, and more. You can easily add users, create policies, manage groups, and many other things. To protect yourself from legal threats, you can keep your emails safe for a set period. You can also use e-Discovery to quickly find your retained emails.

The Zoho Mail app is available for both Android and iOS. This makes managing business communications easy. You can add social media flavors to your mailbox with Streams and tag groups, comment, share files and manage tasks.


Rackspace offers affordable email hosting that will work for your business. Small businesses can give emails professional appearances without spending a lot. Premium filtering will ensure that your inbox is free of spam and other malicious activity. It also protects sensitive business data and gives you privacy.

Rackspace offers seamless migration of your emails from old email accounts to new professional emails by their dedicated experts. Rackspace experts will take care of the rest.

Rackspace is affordable at $2.99 per month and offers all the features you need to run your business email smoothly, including:

  • 25GB mailbox
  • Outlook, webmail and mobile access
  • Unlimited group list, forwarding, and aliases
  • Email Archiving

Microsoft 365

You can create business-class email by using Microsoft 365 to host your emails and keep in touch. You can access your email, shared calendars and contacts anywhere you are using your mobile device, no matter if it’s your computer or your smartphone.

Do not panic if your phone is lost with all your business email on it. To keep your business information secure, you still have the option of remotely wiping off emails. Microsoft 365 allows you to personalize every email with custom formats and images.

This email hosting allows you to send files as large as 150 MB. You can also store up to 100GB of your email files in this storage. You can easily manage your email accounts with the simple admin center. This includes deletion, creation of custom scripts, and more.

Microsoft 365 offers the best anti-spam filtering, anti-malware protection, and email security to protect your email from potential cybercrimes. You also get archive and eDiscovery features.


Use GoDaddy to make a lasting impression on your customers. It offers easy-to use features like contacts, calendars and a webmail portal. It works well across many devices including mobile phones and computers. The emails also sync automatically to ensure that your emails are up-to-date.

GoDaddy has a industry-standard spam filter that provides you with a clean email . It can block more than 300,000,000 potentially harmful emails per day through its anti-virus filters, 256-bit encryption and can block over 300 million potential threats to your inbox . This combination of automated threat monitors, advanced data analytics and a team of security experts provides the highest level security.

Your email address can be easily customized to stand out from the rest. You also have professional looking emails with no ads. You can see the contents of your email attachments in real time before you send them. A webmail portal allows you to manage your online space using custom widgets such as weather and news.

Amazon Workmail

Amazon Workmail provides a secure, easy-to-manage email service for businesses. It also supports existing desktop and mobile email client apps. You can access your email, contacts, and calendars easily using the client apps you choose, such as Outlook or other native Android and iOS apps that support IMAP protocol. These can be accessed via your favorite web browser.

You can integrate your email with your existing corporate directory seamlessly. You can also encrypt data and store it in a different location. You can also set up Microsoft Exchange Server interoperability, manage your users and resources through SDK, and configure Microsoft Exchange Server interoperability.

Amazon Webmail offers enterprise-level security for your data via the AWS Key Management Service. You have full control over your email and data, and can manage them as you wish. You can store 50GB of your email and data.


Fastmail allows you to create emails that match your website. It also offers ease of customization. Smartly manage all your email using one inbox. For a smooth flow of information, you can share your email folders, contacts and calendars with your team to make it easy for them to schedule meetings quickly.

This feature allows you to reach your entire team from one location and offers Topicbox, where teams can share insights and resources. This feature allows you to create and manage your company archive. Fastmail allows you to manage your email access and set advanced settings to protect your data.

Enjoy a 30-day free trial, then select the plan that suits your needs.

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Namecheap offers reliable and secure email hosting that is tailored to your business’s needs. This service makes it easy to manage your email marketing, contacts, calendars, and emails overall.

To test the effectiveness of Namecheap, you can get a two-month free trial. After that, you can choose a plan to leverage its benefits for your entire business. It works quickly with all devices, whether they are Android, Windows or iOS. It provides domain-based email, unified mailbox, anti-spam protection and HTML signatures.

You can collaborate seamlessly with your business email via sharing contacts, emails, documents, spreadsheets, appointments, tasks lists, and spreadsheets. Namecheap is a reliable hosting provider that will deliver high-performance results. You don’t have to worry whether your emails got to their destination.

Two-Factor Authentication provides extra security for your email while protecting your credentials. It offers top-quality security via Universal 2nd Factor, (U2F), and Time-based One Time Password (TOTP).


Email has many new features that allow you to communicate with prospects and customers seamlessly. Emails for business add a professional touch to your company and help you expand your brand. You can manage your email, secure your data and build trust with customers using the email hosting services mentioned above.

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