Top 8 Free Android SPY Apps Cheating Spouse

Top 8 Free Android SPY Apps Cheating Spouse

Nowadays, we often see couples succumbing to cheating allegations. It is because cheating has become the new normal. Partners often feel insecure and believe their significant other is having an affair. It is natural to suspect your partner of an ongoing affair if you notice that your partner is growing distant day by day and is not paying you attention the way they used to before.

The feeling of void and ignorance in a relationship makes the couples grow distant, leading to miscommunication. In this scenario, it is normal for you to suspect what is going on with your partner. Commonly, you already know with whom your partner is cheating on you, even before the confrontation. But the process of finding out your cheating partner on your own is very painful and emotionally draining.

But, with the surge of technology and the birth of handy apps, you will find applications that will effectively help you find your cheating partner. Various free Android spy apps cheating spouse will help catch your partner red-handed.

Let us explore the best free Android spy apps cheating spouse in 2022.

8 Best Free Android Spy Apps Cheating Spouse

1. mSpy

The app mSpy is the best free Android spy apps cheating spouse for Geo-fencing and Keylogging. It is a top-rated phone spy app that feeds the user the latest information about the targeted device as soon as it gets installed. The app has no icon making it hard for your spouse to identify the app. It also uses bank-grade encryption and offers secure and reliable information only for you.


  • Offers keylogger, GPS tracker, Screen recorder, social media tracker, and tracks SMS.
  • Renders 24/7 customer service
  • The bank-grade encryption keeps the information secured.
  • Monitors almost all social media platforms
  • Tracks every tap and keystroke of the targeted device

2. SpyBubble:

SpyBubble is the free Android spy apps cheating spouse offering about 25 unique functional features. One of the best-hidden apps, which can spy over all the existing social media apps. It helps catch your cheating partner and is accessible through any browser. SpyBubble tracks incoming and outgoing calls of the targeted device and allows for setting up virtual areas on the map.


  • Monitors calls, SMS, MMS, and social media apps, supports Geo-fencing and tracks GPS location.
  • Offers compatibility with Android and iOS devices
  • 24/7 customer service and provides online help during installation.


The app, XNSPY, a popular on-trial free Android spy apps cheating spouse, offers the best surroundings and recording phone calls. It comes loaded with features which help you effortlessly find your cheating partner. XNSPY helps to record calls and download them from the targeted device automatically. You can access social media apps and Gmail and track your current locations.


  • It offers a GPS tracker, Keylogger, and Phone call recorder and monitors online browsing activity, photos and calendar activity.
  • Provides easy installation and set-up and 24/7 instant alerts
  • Compatible on both iOS and Android devices.
  • You can record and download incoming and outgoing calls.

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4. Cocospy:

A free Android spy apps cheating spouse on trial, Cocospy is known best for its cautious remote surveillance. It has a powerful invisibility mode which is essential in finding your cheating partner. The app helps you track every message, call, and location while silently working on the target device. Cocospy also attaches timestamps and keeps track of the frequency of the website visits.


  • Tracks call, GPS location and messages on WhatsApp and monitor the browsing history.
  • It is 100% cautious in functioning.
  • Easy to install and set up.
  • Offers a 60-day payback guarantee

5. uMobix:

uMobix, a free Android spy apps cheating spouse on trial, is the best real-time phone tracking app. Parents usually use this app to keep a tab on their children, but its features help catch a cheating partner. You can easily spy on your partner’s calls, SMS, social media, browsing activity and location. It effortlessly works in the background of the target device.


  • Monitors calls, and SMS, tracks Geolocation, Keylogger and online browsing activity.
  • It keeps detailed timestamps of the calls and is user-friendly.

6. Hoverwatch:

Hoverwatch is a simple free Android spy apps cheating spouse app which offers stunning mobile tracking features. It records all social media apps’ data and feeds accurate information from the target device. The app helps record every SMS and MMS and efficiently tracks the location.


  • Monitors messages, SMS and MMS, tracks Geolocation, and spies on the phone’s internet browsing history.
  • The app’s invisible mode is impressive.
  • Records all possible data from every social media platform
  • It uses GPS and Wi-Fi technology to track down the location.

7. eyeZy:

A free Android spy apps cheating spouse on trial, the app eyeZy is AI-driven, helping in phone monitoring. The app uses AI to catch your cheating partner. It offers powerful results tracking all the SMS, calls and deleted messages. eyeZy also keeps an eye on social media apps.


  • Tracks GPS location, monitors social media and social calendar and acts as an app blocker.
  • You can easily block any websites using this app.
  • It offers accurate keyword tracking.
  • Analyses the Wi-Fi with ease
  • And finds out all the hidden videos and photos of the target device

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The app,, is a free Android spy apps cheating spouse on trial and is rewarded for its undetectable cell phone tracking features. The app is straightforward to use and install. is accessible on any smartphone and effortlessly tracks all the information on the target device. The real-time technology helps to trace any small activity with ease. It tracks every incoming and outgoing call alongside the received and sent messages.


  • It provides live access to the target device’s camera.
  • Monitors call and messages and capture every timestamp in detail.
  • It helps track the GPS location.
  • The app successfully accesses all the social media apps like WhatsApp on the target device.

Thus, these are the best free Android spy apps cheating spouse that will help you effortlessly catch your partner in no time. These apps use high-functioning features and an invisibility mode that allows you to keep track of their every minute activity.

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