How to Backup Specific WhatsApp Chats on iPhone and Android

How to Backup Specific WhatsApp Chats on iPhone and Android

You can backup specific WhatsApp Chats both on iPhone and Android In addition or instead of the standard WhatsApp Backup feature that backs up every chat in Your WhatsApp Account.

Backup Specific WhatsApp Chats on iPhone and Android

It’s quite common to WhatsApp Users to own between 10 to 15 contacts which includes WhatsApp Group Contacts having tens or even several hundred members.

This usually results in an abundance of WhatsApp messages, photos and Videos occupying all of the capacity on your phone. This can lead to WhatsApp backups growing in size.

The solution is to backup manually only those important WhatsApp Chats, then delete Chats to restore memory space in your phone.

Another reason to create an archive to Specific WhatsApp Chat is to keep the chat as a recording of the conversations.

1. Backup Specific WhatsApp Chats on iPhone

Follow these steps to create backups of the certain or chosen WhatsApp Chats on the iPhone.

1. Open WhatsApp and choose your Specific WhatsApp Chat you would like to backup.

2. On the Next screen Tap on the Contacts Name.

3. On Contact Detail screen, scroll down , and select Export Chat.

4. On the pop-up decide if you want to add Media or back up the Chat without Media.

5. On the sharing menu, choose Messages, Mail or any other application you wish to export the chat from WhatsApp chat to your own.

6. Follow the instructions to Send the Chat Backup via Email, Messages or any other compatible app to your self.

NOTE: You can also save the WhatsApp Chat to Dropbox or the iCloud Drive by choosing the Save to Files.

2. Backup Specific WhatsApp Chats on Android Phone

The steps are below for backup instructions. Particular WhatsApp Chats on your Android Phone or Tablet.

1. Open WhatsApp and start your Specific WhatsApp Chat you wish to back up.

2. On the next screen, click on the 3-dots menu icon and then choose More option from drop-down menu.

3. On the next menu that opens click the Export Chat option.

4. On the pop-up select whether you would like to add Media as well as exporting the Chat Without Media.

5. On the next slide-up menu, choose Google Drive, Gmail or any other App you wish to download the chat to yourself.

If you have selected Gmail You can send this Chat message to your personal Gmail address on the next screen. You can then download the Chat onto your PC from Gmail.

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