How to Bulk Delete Emails on iPhone or iPad

How to Bulk Delete Emails on iPhone or iPad

Many people have thousands (if in reality, many thousands) of unread, viewed and unread Email messages on the inbox of their Email Accounts. It is, however, possible to bulk delete Emails from your iPhone and minimize the amount of clutter that is within the contents of your Email Account.

Bulk Delete Emails on iPhone

Before you begin the steps needed to Bulk Delete Emails in iPhone It is recommended to make sure you check your Inbox to see if there are any crucial Emails that you would like to keep.

An effective method of doing that is keep a record of emails you wish to keep, or transfer essential Emails to a new Folder with the help of steps explained in this article.

When you’re ready to go, follow these steps to Bulk Delete emails on your iPhone and begin fresh with a an uncluttered Inbox (hopefully it remains that way! ).

1. Open the Mail App on your iPhone.

2. Next, tap on the Edit button located in the top-right edge of the screen.

3. Next, select the first Email then you’ll be presented with the options to mark, move and trash the selected Email in the menu at the bottom.

4. Press & Hold your finger on the Move button while you erase the First Email you chose in step 3.

5. Now, release the Move option and you’ll instantly see Multiple Emails selected. Simply tap on the Trash icon to transfer all of the emails you have selected to Trash.

Then, you can either remain patiently waiting until the Trash to empty at the date (30 days) or remove all email messages from Trash by clicking on Trash Icon > > Edit option.

Next screen click on the Delete All option in the menu at the bottom.

After you tap Delete All and then Delete All, all email messages that are in the Trash will be erased off your phone.

Move Important Emails to Another Folder

Before bulk Deleting emails from iPhone It’s an excellent idea to create a brand new Folder and move emails that seem significant or warrant another look into the temporary file.

In the future, you can look over the Email messages and decide if you want to erase or save the messages.

1. Open the Mail App on your iPhone

2. Tap on Mailboxes in the upper left corner on your display.

3. Next, tap on Edit > New Mailbox that will appear after you tap Edit (See the image below)

4. On the Edit Screen, enter a name for the New Folder, and then click Save.

It is essential to name the New Folder a descriptive name otherwise it could end up on your iPhone with no action from your part.

5. After creating New Folder Return into your Inbox and click”Edit.

6. Select the Emails you would like to move to a New Folder by tapping on each Email. After selecting the Emails that you want to move, tap the Move button on the bottom menu.

7. On the next screen, you will be able to tap onto the folder New you have created (See the image below)

All of the emails you have selected will be moved into the new folder you created just to accomplish this.

After you’ve moved the selected Email messages into this New Folder You are now able to follow the steps to delete bulk all Emails on your iPhone.

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