How to Change Color of Folders on Mac

How to Change Color of Folders on Mac

It is possible to create each folder of the Desktop of your Mac distinct from other folders by changing the color of it. Below are the steps required to Change Color of Folders on Mac.

Change the color of folders on Mac

If you have a huge amount of Blue folders on your desktop, it may be difficult to locate the folder you’d like to open.

The easiest solution to this problem is to change the color of the most frequented folders on your Mac. You could even expand this idea by applying a color code to every desktop folder that you have on your Mac.

This is accomplished through opening the Folder icon in the Preview App then altering its color with the options for editing photos which are available within the Preview App and then transferring the updated icon onto the The File Info screen.

How to Change the Color on Folders on Mac

It is easy to change your color for any New or existing folder in the Mac using the instructions listed below.

1. Right-click on the Folder you’d like to alter and then click”Get Info.

2. On Folder Info screen, choose that Folder Icon by clicking on it.

3. Click on the Edit tab at the top of the menu bar, and then select Copy from drop-down menu.

Then copy the Folder icon to your Clipboard and the next step is opening the Preview App from the Clipboard.

4. Open the Preview app for the Mac (Launchpad > Click on the preview icon).

5. After Launching Preview App, go to the File tab on the top bar, and then click”New from Clipboard.

This will generate an File in the Preview App that contains an image for the Folder.

6. On preview screen you can click upon the Pencil Icon and then click on the Prism Icon to open Adjust Color pop-up.

6. On Adjust Color screen, slide the Tint slider until you be able to see the Folder’s color changing. You could also move to the Sepia slider to see more colors.

7. Once you are done, click the Folder on the preview screen, and then Press Ctrl +C in order to save the Folder to the new color.

8. Go back to the screen for Get Info, then click the Folder Icon and press Ctrl + V.

The color of the Folder icon on Folder Info screen. In addition, the Actual Folder will be displayed in the new Color.

You are now able to end your Folder Info Screen and begin using your Folder in its new Color.

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