How to Change Download Location in Internet Explorer

How to Change Download Location in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer saves any downloaded files to the Downloads folder of the User Account. You can change the default behavior of Internet Explorer to save downloaded files to your desktop or another location on your computer.

Internet Explorer – Download Folder Location

Internet Explorer automatically saves any files downloaded while browsing the internet to the Downloads folder of the User account you are currently in.

If you’re used to this setup, and enjoy the idea of everything downloaded to Internet Explorer at the default Downloads folder location, there is no problem.

If you’re like me, however, you might want to see all the downloaded files on your desktop. From there, they can be moved into their respective folders such as Photos, Videos and PDF Files.

Internet Explorer: Change the Download Location

1. Launch Internet Explorer on your computer. Click on the wheel-shaped tools button at the top of your screen (see image below).

2 Click on the drop-down menu to view downloads.

3. Click on the Options link at the bottom of the screen (see image below).

4. You can type the complete path to the location you wish to save downloads to in the Download Options window or click Browse to locate the location on your computer.

5 Clicking the Browse button will let you choose any new default location for file downloads. Let’s click Desktop in this instance (see image below).

6. Once you have selected Desktop, click on OK to set Internet Explorer’s Desktop as your default location for file downloads.

Everything you download via Internet Explorer will now be saved to your desktop.

Once the download is complete, you can transfer the files, images and songs to the folders Music, Images, Movies etc. that you have created in order to manage downloads.

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