How to Disable Google Chrome Auto Sign-In

How to Disable Google Chrome Auto Sign-In

The Auto Sign-in feature of Google Chrome automatically logs users into the browser whenever you log in into Gmail, YouTube or Google Drive. The following are the steps required to Disable the Google Chrome auto sign-in feature.

Remove the Google Chrome auto sign-in feature.

In the past, it was it was possible to be either Signed-in or signed-out of Chrome browser even while logged in to Google services such as Gmail, YouTube or Google Drive.

Beginning with the Version 69, the latest version of Chrome users began to notice that they were automatically logged out of the Chrome browser once they logged in to Gmail or YouTube with a different Gmail accounts..

In version 71, users were able to sign-in automatically to the Chrome browser every time they signed in to Gmail, Google Drive or YouTube.

The easiest solution to avoid this confusing configuration is to disable the Auto Sign-in function in Chrome. This will block Google Chrome from automatically signing you in and to exit the web browser.

1. Change Google Chrome’s browser to the latest version

The option to disable the Auto Sign-in is available only in the version 70. Google Chrome browser. Therefore, you must first comply with the instructions below to upgrade to the most current version Chrome browser.

1. Open Chrome browser Click on the 3-dots Icon Help > More About Google Chrome.

2. On the next screen, you will see Chrome browser automatically installing the update (If there is one).

3. Click on Relaunch to finish the installation of Chrome Update to your PC.

2. Remove the Chrome Auto Sign-in feature

After you have installed the update, follow the steps below to deactivate Chrome auto-sign in feature from your computer.

1. Open Chrome browser and click on the 3-dots symbol and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

2. On Chrome Settings screen, select Sync as well as Google Services option.

3. On the next screen, deactivate the allow Chrome sign-in options.

4. Restart Chrome browser to save this update in the Chrome setting on the browser of your personal computer.

If the Chrome browser is restarted you will see that you are locked out of the Chrome browser.

When you turn off the Chrome Auto Sign-in feature You will then be able sign-in into Gmail, YouTube, Docs and various other Google Accounts, without being registered for Chrome Browser.

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