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How to Enable HDR Mode for Photos on iPhone

The Camera app on your iPhone includes an inbuilt HDR function. Let’s take a the time to look into what does HDR Mode? When should you use HDR Mode? and how to enable HDR mode for your photos on iPhone.

What’s HDR Mode for photos on the iPhone?

HDR which means HDR which stands for High Dynamic Range Image, which is an old technique used in professional photography now accessible through your iPhone.

The principle of HDR imaging , is that you take multiple photographs of the same object with different levels of exposure and then blend these photos to create one image of higher quality.

When in HDR mode iPhone captures 3 photos at various exposure levels and then blends them into an image that is a single HDR image.

In the sense of theory, HDR image created from combining three different images is likely to be better as compared to photos taken at a single level of exposure.

Fortunately, iPhone saves both HDR as well as the Original images and gives you the option of reviewing each image and save the one you believe has the better quality.

What is the best time to use HDR Mode?

Reading through posts found on iPhone Photography School , HDR Mode is better suitable for taking Landscapes particularly where the skies are bright, and the things on land (hills and trees) are shaded.

In such situations, HDR Mode on iPhone is able to mix the contrast of dark and bright objects in order to create photos with better quality.

Other times you can benefit from using HDR Mode would be for shooting Outdoor Portraits and backlit scenes.

HDR Mode should be able to reduce reflections (in the case that bright light) and also brighten the dark areas (in the case of backlit objects) creating images of generally higher quality.

What is the best time to not use HDR Mode?

HDR Mode should not be used to shoot moving objects, low-light indoor photography, and for shooting photos by using your Flash Light on your Camera.

The shooting of moving objects with HDR will increase the chances of blurry photos, particularly if the subject is moving between these three photographs.

How do I enable HDR Mode for photos on iPhone

Use the following steps to activate HDR Mode for photos on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Open the Camera App on your iPhone.

2. Tap on the HDR option that is located in the top menu bar.

3. Next, tap on Auto or On.

Clicking ‘ ON’ will turn on HDR the default setting for all photos you snap from your iPhone.

Clicking on “Auto” will enable the camera of your iPhone to change to HDR Mode when it detects the appropriate conditions to shoot photos using HDR Mode.

Beware of duplicate copies in HDR Mode.

As standard, iPhone retains copies both Original Photos as well as HDR Images on its device. However, you can configure your device to only keep HDR images, and then automatically delete Original photos.

1. Open Settings > scroll down to the bottom and click on Cameras.

2. On the next screen, turn off the Keep Normal Photo by switching the toggle to the Off position.

After that after this iPhone is able to save only only the HDR version of your photos, and will delete the Original Photos.

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