How to Send Contact vCard From iPhone

How to Send Contact vCard From iPhone

iPhone utilizes its vCard Format to store and transfer contact information. You can find below the steps for sending Contact vCard on iPhone to another person via Email, iMessage and other methods.

Contact vCard to contacts via iPhone

If someone requests your contact details or those of someone who is on your Contact List You may either give the information to a person on the phone or use the Share Contact feature that is accessible on the iPhone.

This feature of iPhone lets you send Contact vCard via AirDrop, iMessage, Email, WhatsApp and others.

The vCard format is available by iOS, Android, Windows and a majority of third-party Contact Apps.

How to send Contact vCard using iPhone

Follow the steps below to send a Contact vCard from an iPhone looking for your contact details or those of someone else in your Contact List.

1. From the Home screen of your iPhone click onto the Phone icon.

2. Tap on the Contacts tab on the lower right of your screen.

3. On the next screen click on your Name (in the event that you’d like to share your contact information) then tap the Contact whom you would like to forward.

4. On the Contacts page, scroll to the bottom and click on Share Contact.

5. On the pop-up which appears, tap Mail for sending Contact vCard via Email or tap Message, WhatsApp or the AirDrop icon to send Contact Information via AirDrop.

6. If you tap on Email and you’ll be able to see the Email App open with a new Email screen. This will allow you to select the Email recipient and then forward the Contact VCard to them in the form of An Email Attachment.

After your Email is sent via your iPhone The Email receiver will get an Email that includes a .vcf file attached.

Clicking on the .vcf attachment will launch the Contact vCard, which allows recipients to view Contact information in a vCard format that is organized.

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