How to Use Google DNS On iPhone and iPad

How to Use Google DNS On iPhone and iPad

If you’re experiencing problems with WiFi connectivityon iPhone switch the device to Google DNS might help in getting the issue fixed. Below are the steps for using Google DNS with iPhone and iPad.

Why Use Google DNS On iPhone

A typical modern site load HTML content from the web hosting service in addition to loading Images, CSS and JavaScript from Google, Amazon, Microsoft and other CDN providers.

This causes the Safari or the Chrome Browser of your iPhone to run multiple DNS lookups. This causes an increase in latency or delays in rendering web pages on your device.

The time it takes to load websites could be substantial if that the DNS servers for the Internet Service Provider (ISP) are overloaded and in a position to take on the demand.

In this scenario changing to more efficient DNS servers offered by Google or OpenDNS could result in substantial improvement on the speed that you get from Safari as well as Chrome browsing on your iPhone.

How to Use Google DNS on iPhone and iPad

By default by default, by default, your iPhone or iPad automatically connects to the DNS servers of your service provider.

This default behavior of iOS software is what makes it simple for common iPhone users to connect to the the internet, without having be concerned about installing DNS servers on their devices.

You can however modify the DNS servers of either your iPhone and iPad at anytime by following the steps below.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone and then tap on WiFi.

2. On the WiFi Screen Tap at the “i” icon located next to your WiFi Network Name (See below for an example)

3. On the next screen, scroll to the bottom and select Configure DNS (See the image below)

4. On the next screen, choose the Manual option and then tap on +Add Server

5. Type as the new DNS Server address and tap on Save.

5. Similarly, add as a different Google DNS Server.

6. After adding Google DNS Servers, you are able to erase the DNS Servers of the service you use by clicking onto the Red Minus icon.

7. Tap on the Save button to save this update on your device.

After you have changed your DNS Servers over to Google You will notice an improvement in browsing speed of your iPhone.

Facts About Changing DNS Servers On iPhone

Here are some tips you must be aware of when changing the DNS server on iPhone as well as iPad.

1. DNS Servers can only be modified for the WiFi Network using your iPhone. There is no option for iOS to change DNS servers for the Cellular Network.

2. The change in DNS servers is Network specific. There is no Global option on iPhone to alter DNS Servers for all WiFi Networks available on your iPhone.

For example, if utilize the “Home WiFi Network at Home’ and the ‘Work WiFi Network in the Office switching DNS servers for the ‘Home WiFi is not going to have any effect on the “Work WiFi’.

3. Once you change DNS servers to a particular WiFi Network, your iPhone will keep the settings and utilize identical DNS configurations each when you join the particular Network.

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