How to Lower WindowServer CPU Usage on Your Mac (2022)

How to Lower WindowServer CPU Usage on Your Mac (2022)

If you look at the Activity Monitor on your Mac you’ll have found the WindowServer process that is constantly using a lot of power from your CPU. You might be wondering, what exactly is this WindowServer process, how this running in Mac and why it use up so many CPU power and is it safe and the list goes on. In this article we’ll address all of your questions regarding WindowsServer. WindowServer process!

What Is WindowServer Process & Is It Safe?

In simple phrases, it’s in essence, the macOS procedurethat will be responsible for handling the entire visual aspect of the desktop. This includes the Menu bar, the Dock bar and other such things. The WindowServer process is responsible for controlling the interaction between the user interface and the hardware. There are a variety of factors that can lead to WindowServer taking up many CPU cycles. It’s all the folders and files located on the desktop activating effects like drop shadows and transparency, an overloaded desktop with icons, as well as older Macs that are running the latest Versions (struggling to make visual adjustments).

The ratio of resource consumption for the program WindowServer is high due to many reasons, which results in a slow Mac performance. Your programs start to slow down, it becomes difficult to use Finder as the screensaver begins shaking, and all executed commands appear to take longer.

Additional Tip:

Additional Tips: If you observe your Mac being slow or inactive Install Cleanup My System immediately. This application’s Smart Cleanup feature works pretty well. Furthermore, the program performs several optimization and cleaning processes to eliminate unnecessary RAM ( attachments to mail garbage items, large and old files) and clean junk cookies, logs, files as well as other information that could affect the overall performance.

It is also able to remove identity and privacy traces that are left behind by websites to ensure you are secure from trackers on the internet. Its Disk Analyzer module will help by providing you with an overview of your storage usage to help you understand more about your disk usage. Startup Manager Startup Manager lets up enable/disable the Login items, and also manage Launch Agents.

For more information details about this Clean, Optimized and Protection tool visit this link to go through the entire review!

What Can We Do To Lower WindowServer CPU Usage On Mac?

These are the things you can try to minimize WindowServer CPU usage issues on Mac:

1. Reduce the amount of folders and files saved on your desktop

For instance, if have 30 documents on your desk and 10 folders on it, consider placing them all in one folder. Alternatively, you could remove any needles on your computer and move them to a different location. In this way WindowsServer will only focus on one aspect of the image instead of 40.

2. Close needles Windows

It is important to understand that the WindowServer Process consumes CPU cycles. The more Windows tabs and browsers that are open remain open, the greater resources are consumed. If you’re running an older version of your computer and the resources consumed will be significantly higher. Therefore, close any open browser tabs in order to decrease the amount of energy consumed. If any application is running in background, and is not of any interest at this time close them down to control CPU usage on Mac.

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3. Deactivate transparent effects

Visual effects that are added by features are the reason for taking up additional RAM and the other resources of your system. Disable the transparent effects within your Mac to let your device perform more quickly. It’ll give a huge improvement to your device. Here’s how you can accomplish it:

  • Navigate to the System Preferences.
  • Click Accessibility and then head to the Display option.
  • Select the box next the word “Reduce transparency.

This can reduce WindowServer CPU use on Mac. Additionally you could test the workarounds below.

4. Reduce additional desktops

Some users have suggested that cutting down on the number of desktops that are accessible from Mission Control has made a substantial change. Try these suggestions:

  • Press on the F5 key to start Mission Control on your MacBook.
  • Simply hover the mouse on any other computer you’re not currently using.
  • Press on the (X) button in order to shut it!

5. Have multiple displays? Shut off Spaces for all

If you’re using multiple display setups The second thing to do to decrease WindowServer CPU use on Mac is:

  • Launch System Preferences, then move through Mission Control.
  • Simply switch off the setting that says “Displays have separate spaces.”.
  • Make sure to reboot your Mac to apply the changes!

Furthermore it is important to stop the process of rearranging Mission Control Spaces. You can try turning off the settings to ‘Automatically reorder space in accordance with the most recent usage’. A few users have reported an impressive improvement in Mac to reduce WindowServer CPU use.

6. Uninstall problematic applications from your Mac

Sometimes, a glitch in an application or virus could result in WindowServer heavy CPU usage on Mac. Therefore, look through the list of applications installed on your system If you think you have an unwanted program is taking up space on your PC or you don’t remember installing the program, delete it.

To remove an application swiftly to delete an application Mac all you need to do is

  • Find the utility you need within the Finder.
  • Drag the app to the Trash. You can also choose it, then go to the File menu and select Move it to Trash.
  • You may be required to enter your username or password.
  • Make sure you get rid of the application completely from your Mac.

Do not forget to empty your trash on a regular basis to make sure that no duplicate data is stored on your hard drive or consumes RAM, causing WindowServer heavy CPU usage on your Mac. Additionally it is highly recommended to run malware scans for your Mac to clear your computer from malware and other dangers.

The Last Resort – Fix or Lower WindowServer CPU Usage On Mac (2022)

If none of the options did the trick to solve your the issue of high CPU usage by the WindowServer procedure, the final option is to reset PRAM or NVRAM in your Mac. If you do this you can fix lots of issues appearing on your MacBook like being unable to change the resolution of the display and the battery not charging correctly, the device can’t recognize external devices and has a strange scrolling speed, etc. It is possible to go through the below guide to learn more about the procedure in greater detail.

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