13 Rainierland Alternatives That Work In 2022

13 Rainierland Alternatives That Work In 2022

Here is a list of the 13 finest films that can replace Rainierland in terms of quality and functionality. These films will keep you entertained and up to date on both new releases and timeless favourites.

Loss of the Rainerland platform due to COVID-19! A hard truth for many movie fans to accept. One of the nicest and simplest ways to watch movies was through Rainierland free movies. Unfortunately, the website has now been taken down. But don’t panic, there are still some fantastic ways to stay current with the movie industry.

13 Best Alternatives Of Rainierland

1. Popcorn Time

One of the best substitutes for Rainierland is Popcorn Time, which contains the ideal selections of films and TV shows to keep you engaged at all times.

Users can download videos through Popcorn Time, and the interface is straightforward and easy to use. The website is even more organised and user-friendly thanks to the filters and suggestions, and the huge selection of movies and TV episodes makes it the ideal pick for movie night.

Everything is free, and there are several languages and subtitles for the audio. There aren’t many advertisements, either. Can anything be more amazing than this website? Yes, it is possible thanks to the HD quality streaming and data-saving features.

Check: Link to Website

2. Popcornflix

Another option to Rainierland movies is Popcornflix (not to be confused with Popcorn Time). With its wide variety of genres, including science fiction and anime, this site offers stiff competition to Rainierland.

Are the same lengthy movies getting old for you? If so, popcornflix is probably your best bet because it also streams excellent short films. Additionally, everything on this website is free.

Popcornflix is incredibly well-run and simple to use. On the website, you may get movie descriptions and reviews that can give you a little background on the films and help you decide which ones to see.

There are a few sporadic pop-up adverts on this site, but not enough to disrupt your movie experience. As a whole, this website is a great substitute for Rainierland’s free movies.

Check: Link to Website

3. PrimeWire

Primewire is a great substitute for Rainierland because it is the most user-friendly site for movies and TV series. This website also contains a sizable library, which includes well-known films and television shows like Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Joker, Parasite, and so forth.

Every genre, from horror to documentaries, is offered on Primewire. The nicest part is that everything is freely available and simple to obtain. 9 different registration or signup requirements exist. Simply go to the internet, conduct a search for the film or series, and then relax.

Did I mention that this website has nearly no advertisements? Your experience won’t be interrupted by any form of advertising, that’s correct. Videos in 360p can be streamed without much difficulty, but if you want HD content, you must upgrade to the premium version.

Check: Link to Website

4. 123 Movies

Another excellent option to Rainierland’s free movies is 123 Movies, formerly known as GoStream. The same as Rainierland, this website features a wide variety of genres.

Why wouldn’t there be more than 25 million satisfied consumers on this website? After all, this website offers a huge selection of movies and TV shows, all for free, and a very user-friendly layout. This website also has a tonne of animation and Kdramas.

However, this website does feature a lot of pop-up advertisements, which can occasionally be inconvenient. On the plus side, everything is free, therefore a few advertisements are acceptable. You may stream and download in HD quality, in addition to the download option.

Check: Link to Website

5. Fmovies

One of the best alternatives to Rainierland’s free movies that has no drawbacks is Fmovies. Broad selections of movies and TV shows are available. Fmovies has everything, whether you’re in the mood for suspenseful films or romantic comedies.

This website offers a minimal and incredibly straightforward user experience, and the home page of the site features a straightforward search bar. You can get the necessary results by just typing the title of the film or television show.

On this website, everything is accessible for free, and there are fewer commercials than on other sites that stream movies and television shows.

Check: Link to Website

6. Putlocker

Considered to be the best substitute for Rainier Land is Putlocker. Its extensive library and selection of films and television shows are the cause. With millions of visitors actively using it each month, this website has been around for a very long time.

Everything is available to watch on Putlocker, and that too for free, from the most recent releases of 2020 to the vintage films and television episodes from the 1970s. You can choose a movie or series to watch from Putlocker’s trending list, or you can use the search bar to look for a specific title.

Additionally, if you sign up for a free account, putlocker keeps track of what you watch and makes recommendations based on your preferences in movies and television shows. With more than 50 different categories and little advertisements, this website is incredibly user-friendly.

Check: Link to Website

7. Los Movies

With over 100 million users, Los Movies is a popular website for movies and television shows and a wonderful substitute for Rainierland movies.

The large selection of movies and TV shows that can be seen on this website for free is essentially the reason for its success. This website doesn’t have a very elegant appearance, but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover since what’s within can astound you.

Additionally, the majority of the videos come with subtitles and are available in several languages. The loading speed can occasionally be a touch slow, but not to the point where it becomes annoying.

Additionally, pop-up advertisements rarely appear but, when they do, they can continue for two to three minutes. Overall, there’s no denying that this website is a great place to unwind and binge watch.

Check: Link to Website

8. Mega Share

Another website that doesn’t seem particularly interesting at first glance is this one, yet it is fascinating due to the variety of films and collections it offers.

This website is really user-friendly and includes a tonne of filters that make it easier for you to choose the kind of movie or television show you want to watch. Additionally, Megashare offers ratings and descriptions for its collections, which aids in decision-making.

A few advertisements do occasionally appear at inconvenient periods, especially if you are deeply engaged in the film. The most recent albums as well as the timeless classics are readily available on our website, which is completely free.

Check: Link to Website

9.  Watch Series

Having trouble choosing what to watch and in need of some advice? In such case, the watch series is the ideal website for you because of its simple user interface.

With its reviews and descriptions, the watch series aids in making decisions about what to watch by categorising the vast variety of films and television shows under numerous genres and filters. Additionally, nothing on this website costs anything, and registration is not necessary.

The terms of the intrusive pop-up adverts are the sole drawback of the website. While you are watching something, the commercials won’t typically appear, but you might have to go through a lot of pop-ups to find what you want to watch. With the exception of pop-up ads, this website is flawless and a great replacement for Rainierland.

Check: Link to Website

10. Cmovies HD

Like the name implies, Cmovies HD streams HD movies and TV shows. They have a sizable collection as well. Everything is available to view on this website, from comedy like Friends to mysteries like The Vampire Diaries.

This website also has a very simple and user-friendly interface, and if you register, you can also keep track of what you’ve viewed and get recommendations for movies and TV shows based on that information.

On this page, even the most recent publications from 2020 are easily accessible. Additionally, there aren’t many pop-up advertising and everything is free. A great alternative to Rainierland’s free movies, this website has millions of users.

Check: Link to Website

11.  Movies Time

One of the simplest ways to stream the newest movies in practically all common languages is through the website Movies Time, which also provides a download link for its application.

On this platform, you may watch everything from American sitcoms to Asian dramas. It is extremely uncommon to search for a film and not find the appropriate results due to the size of the movie and television series library.

Additionally simple to use, the interface lets you download the content. Everything is free to watch and is available in 360p or HD. This website includes a huge selection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies as well as very simple navigation. This platform is even better than it currently is because you can view short films on it as well.

Check: Link to Website

12. Netflix

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Netflix, which is now one of the most popular platforms for streaming movies, TV shows, and web series.

Like Stranger Things, Sex Education, Dark, To All the Boys I Have Loved Before, The Perfect Date, The Half of It, Secret Love, The Irishman, and others, Netflix has its own short films and series that are hugely successful and entertaining.

This portal offers streaming in 360p and HD resolution and will keep you occupied at all times. Additionally, the download option is present, and since the website or application is a premium one, there are absolutely no adverts. Despite having a one-month free sample, you will have to pay for it after that.

Check: Link to Website

13. Hubmovies.cc

Another well-known source for free, high-quality online streaming of movies and TV shows is Hubmovies.cc.

You may view a huge selection of movies and TV shows on this website. Pop-up advertising do appear, although they do so seldom, and the website has an easy-to-navigate design. Additionally, the platform provides comprehensive descriptions for each movie and television show, which is definitely a plus.

Check: Link to Website


These therefore represented Rainierland’s finest possibilities. You are prepared for the ideal binge-watch with all of your favourite genres now that you are aware of them. As a result, the next time you decide to have a movie night, be sure to pick a movie from our comprehensive list and get ready for hours of pleasure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Happened To Rainierland?

The website had to be taken down since it was a platform for illicit video streaming. In addition, Rainier Tamayo, the site’s proprietor, was detained and sentenced to 12 years in prison for publishing stolen videos without a licence or copyright.

2. Is Rainierland Legal?

No. Unfortunately, Rainierland is a free video hosting service that streams movies and television shows without a licence or copyright. Like torrent websites, this website offers pirated content.

3. Which Is The Best Among All The Free Movies And Web Series Sites?

Putlocker and SolarMovies are the main websites for streaming the most recent entertainment content, yet each website has its advantages and disadvantages. However, all of the other websites are renowned for their incredible features as well.

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