Record Phone Calls on iPhone is Easy with these 8 Apps

Record Phone Calls on iPhone is Easy with these 8 Apps

Record phone calls can be done for many reasons. Perhaps you have to deal with an unruly client, tolerate your boss’s inexplicable behavior or experience never-ending episodes of resentful behavior. You could also use it to brainstorm with your business partner. It is important to keep track of all this and other situations.

Record phone calls on iPhone is not an easy task. Apple blocks it for security and privacy reasons, which is why it’s difficult to do. It’s illegal to record phone calls in most countries without consent.

It’s possible, however, with some apps that we’ll be discussing in this article. These apps are available depending on where you live.

Let’s get started.


Rev call recorder is a completely free app that can record phone calls both incoming and outgoing calls without any limitations.

It records high-quality calls and allows you to share/export it to third party services such as email SMS, Dropbox, etc. It doesn’t charge any hidden fees or annoying ads. You only pay money if you want to transcribe your recordings.

If your sole purpose is to record phone calls, then you can assume that you won’t spend a penny on this app. This is insane considering it allows you to easily record phone calls on iPhone.

TapeACall Pro

TapeACall Pro, which is available in more than 50 countries and has a user base over 4 million, is a very popular option for recording calls on iPhone.

It can record phone calls both incoming and outgoing calls, and store them on its server until you delete them or decide to share them. Some of the sharing options are:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Evernote
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

It can attach labels to your recordings for easy reference and converts them to MP3 format. Push notifications allow you to go straight to your recordings library and access them with a single click.

These and a dozen other features make TapeACall Pro a premium app. However, there is a free trial you can use before purchasing anything.

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Google Voice

Google Voice does not have a call recording feature, but it does have a feature that can be used for that purpose. That’s all we need.

You can record phone calls without affecting the audio quality. All data is stored on their secure server, so you can access it whenever you need. The app can also transcribe your phone calls and send the transcript to yourself.

It also has:

  • Use the powerful search option to track call recordings
  • Free calls, voice mails, and text messages
  • Spam Filtration and Block Options
  • International calls at competitive rates

Google Voice can be synced across multiple devices so you can use it at home, work, or anywhere else you choose.

App for Call Recorder

Call Recorder app by Profuse is as simple as its name suggests. It does exactly what it says and does it very well.

This app allows you to quickly record phone calls all your outgoing and incoming calls, regardless of whether they are local or international. There is no limit on how long or how many calls you can record.

You can also label your recordings and share them with others in MP3 format.

It is regularly updated and you will have access to real people behind the desk who can help you with any issues.

Call Recorder iCall

Highly rated and a favourite, call recorder iCall works perfectly using a 3-way system to record phone calls while keeping it fairly easy.

After downloading the app you will need to tap the Record button, then tap the Merge call button. As long as the conversation continues, the app will begin recording audio. You’ll be able to instantly save the audio recording after the call is over.

Call Recorder iCall’s interface is very simple and the support team is excellent. Start with their free trial before you purchase their premium subscription.


With Call Recording By NoNotes you can record and transcribe calls. This app is used by over 100,000 people around the world.

It can record any length of calls and save them to the cloud. You can also share recordings to Facebook or email. Other features include dictation, and QR codes that allow you to save your recordings for playback.

Although this app requires a subscription, you can record up to 20 minutes each month for free. If you don’t plan on recording calls often, the free option may be enough.

Call Recorder Lite

Another useful app is Call Records Lite which records incoming and outgoing calls using 3-way calling.

You can adjust the volume and playback of recorded calls with this app. These recordings can be downloaded and shared on social media, email, and cloud services.

You can record full-length calls as a free user but you will only be able listen to the first 60 seconds. You will need to upgrade to their Pro edition to listen to the entire recording.

CallRec Lite

CallRec Lite, like the previous app, allows you to listen to the first 60 seconds recorded call.

All recordings are stored on a secure server that you can access to share or back up via cloud storage. It can seamlessly record phone calls both incoming calls and outgoing calls.


I hope that the call recording apps for iPhone mentioned above will allow you to keep track of important conversations. These apps can be used for both personal and professional purposes.

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